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Changes :: Top
  • Installation:

    Use the setup file to install MP4 Stream Editor to the desired folder.
    Note: You need DirectX 11 installed to run MP4 Stream Editor. See requirements.
    When running the application for the first time it's a good idea to take a look at the Settings first.

  • Uninstallation:

    Use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall MP4 Stream Editor.

  • Bugs: Check known bugs.
Please report bugs, suggestions, comments to: 3delite@3delite.hu

ReadMe :: Top
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Fixes and improvements to cut and paste functionality
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Fixes and improvements to cut and paste functionality
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Fixes and improvements to cut and paste functionality
*Changed all audio processing functions' buffer size from 10KB to 1MB
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Changed the configuration files' folder from 'Documents' to 'AppData', so OneDrive should not synchronise the settings across devices if MP4 Stream Editor is installed on multiple systems
*Fixed more than 1000 hints and warnings in the code, this may fix some unknown issues but might introduce new bugs unfortunatelly (please report if you find a bug)
*Fixes to restoring selection after applying an effect
+Undo/Redo now remembers zoom and sample display scroll position
*Some small fixes and improvements
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Improved precision of audio processing functions that are not frame based
*Fix for MPEG frame count usage
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Fixed missing borlndmm.dll for Win64 version
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Fixes to TMDB look-up hotfix
*Fixed encoding (preset) icons for the Win64 version
+WAV stream plugin (editing files in decoding mode) reports progress only on integer value progress change (editing should be faster) and now uses a buffer size of 1 MB instead of 10 KB (should be much more optimized, especially for SSDs)
+New Win64 version
+Option to set VST DSP plugin folder in settings
+Option to disable sample display dynamic mode in settings (set to 'static')
*Lots of small fixes and improvements
+Waveform sample display is now sample precise when zooming in as far as the audio sample data fits in memory (around max. 1 hour or a bit longer audio files should), if not, the mode as previously is used
*Improved the sample display controls
*Fixed TMDB look-up SSL connection
*Fixed lists row count on the main list
*Updated libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll to version
*Fixes to writing tags to some exotic Ogg files
+Experimental support of saving tags to chained Ogg files
*Fixed process stuck in the memory when closing the window with the 'X' button when invoked from context menu
+Added full support of editing ID3v2 chapters
+Improved ID3v2 frame editor (supports chapters)
+ID3v2 'SUBS' based subsong system is automatically converted to ID3v2 chapters when adding files to the stream list
*Fixed sample display multiple re-initialization when swapping the audio files' display (eg. after a cut command)
*Lots of small fixes and improvements
*Fixes and improvements for the sample display
+Added option to set selections and add them as segments
+Greatly reduced memory usage for waveform display especially with very long audio files
*Fixed an issue with TRACK tag for the universal tag editor
*Some small fixes and improvements
+Added shell context menu items to edit tags quickly from Windows explorer
*Fixed animated list 'No details available' in some cases
*Some small fixes and improvements
+Added support for MP4 iTunMOVI XML, tag editor window now lists actors and involved people from the XML, stream list displays actors list if exists
+The Movie DB results now fill MP4 iTunMOVI XML actors and involved people
+Improved advanced search
*Fixed deleting cover arts with the keyboard DEL key, previously the selected cover art was actually not deleted so new cover arts were actually added
*Some small fixes and improvements
*Fixed deleting MP4 cover arts
*Fixed switching to cover arts tab when droping cover art pictures onto the MP4 tag editor window
*Changed MP4 padding writing option is now 'create fixed 4096 bytes padding' by default
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated MediaInfo.dll to version
+Improved and new DSP plugins added: All pass filter, Low pass filter, High pass filter, Band pass filter, Notch filter, Pitch shift and Reverb
+Improved startup speed
*Fixed plugins' window appear position
*Fixes to editing audio files in WAV mode
+When editing audio files with the sample editor the temporary stream item in the list tries to keep the tags from the original file
*Improvements to audio sample editor window size when using UI DPI scaling
+New menu options "Copy Tags" and "Paste Tags" that support cross-tag-formats pasting (conversion) and pasting to multiple files
*Fixes and improvements to pasting ID3v2 tags
-Removed main window resizing when closing audio sample editor
*Fixes and improvements to The Movie DB cast/crew/guest stars parsing
+Added support of Windows MP4 Xtra 'category' multiple tag values
*Fixes and improvements to MP4 Xtra tags processing
*Improvements to song database management (less memory usage)
*Fixes to shuffle mode
+Added option to flag songs to automatically skip when playlist playing (stream list pop-up menu)
+New for 'Smart Play' functionality: option to set maximal playtime for queued songs - useful to automatically skip album audio files
+'Smart Play' does not enqueue skip flagged songs
*Thumbnail list mode selection color is by default the same as the animated list mode's selection color
*Fixes to shuffle mode
+New 'Smart Play' functionality: automatic and endless playlist playing with automatic song selection and user configurable profiles (beta)
*Fixed freeze/skip when loading the last playlist on app's startup
*Fixes to animated list tag strings positions
*Fixed casting audio output when using WASAPI and the actual WASAPI sample rate is not the same as set in settings
+Improvements and fixes to casting
*Fixed short freeze when casting meta data and the playlist advances
+Option in settings to start the status/remote control server automatically when the app starts
+New casting status info, menu: Casting/Cast Server Information...
*Fixes to processing tags of WAV, RF64 and AIFF files with odd size chunks
*Fixed tag list editors tag saving
*Fixed Repair List not transfering the ID3v2 tags on fix
*Improvements to the Repair List
*Fixes to "tabing" between edits with the TAB key
+Updates to MKV, MKA and WEBM support (beta)
*Fixed animated stream list playtime text position appearing wrongly in some cases
+Added MKV, MKA and WEBM support (beta)
*Updated BASS DLLs
*Improvements to the animated list view
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixes and improvements to sample display
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Added functionality to retrieve TV show episode details from The Movie DB for MP4 tags
+Improved stream information panel
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Small fixes and improvements
*Fixed possible infinite loop when loading MP4 tags
+Added option to trim cut list items' start and length frame values
*Fixed cut list output folder UI
*Fixes to UI DPI scaling
+Speed-up when saving tags and file needs to be re-written
*Updated FreeImage.dll to version
*Updated MediaInfo.dll to version
*Small fixes and improvements
*Fixes to UI DPI scaling
+Improvements to cut by silence
*Fixed MP4 cutting
*Fixed UI graphic bug for the sample display
*Fixed listing cover arts for the detailed tag editors
*Fixes and improvements related to playlist play control
+Added output level and spectrum display support when playing DSD files in native DSD through ASIO mode
*Small fixes and improvements
*Fixed advancing the playlist from DSD to non-DSD format when using native DSD through ASIO functionality
*Fixes and improvements to native DSD playback through ASIO
*Small fixes and improvements
+Subsongs are displayed on sonogram and bitrates modes too
*Fixed scale and slide subsong seek points
*Small fixes and improvements
*When joining MPEG streams and the appended stream starts with a Xing, Info or VBRI frame, the frame is skipped
+Slightly faster MPEG streaming
+When cut list 'Use source's tags' is checked APEv2 tags are transfered too
+New 'Any tags to specified tag format' and 'Delete tags' functionality for the multi tag list
+Slightly faster loading files to the multi tag list
*Small fixes and improvements
-Removed multi tag ID3v1, ID3v2 and APEv2 functionality - use the detailed tag editors
+Improvements to processing MPEG frame errors
*Fixed transferring ID3v2 tag when using cut list 'join mode' and 'use source tags is selected'
*Fixes and improvements to command line repair MPEG stream ('-r') functionality
+Improvements to slicing album audio files, added option to extract cover arts to output folder
*Fixes to joining audio files construct subsong functionality
+Added support for CUE sheet's 'DATE' and 'GENRE' field when loading audio files to the stream list
+Updated DSD, MP4, Opus, Vorbis and WAV streamer plugins to their latest tags management functionality
*Fixes to CUE sheet file loading (fixed possible infinite loop)
+Added support for CUE sheet's 'DATE' and 'GENRE' field (when loading/saving)
*Improvements to slicing album files, tag transfer and tag creation from CUE sheet
*Fixed VBR MPEG streaming speed
*Improved 'Stream Subsong...' function
*Fixed file browser panel sorting
+Some more options for multi-tag tag-to-file name functionality
-Removed Amazon.com tag look-up
*Small fixes and improvements
*Fixed The Movie Data Base connection initialization
*Small fixes and improvements
+Added option to get localized The Movie Data Base results *Fixed The Movie Data Base poster sizes when using UI DPI scaling
*Small fixes and improvements
*Fixed UI freeze when loading audio files
+Raised D3D max. vertex for default settings
*Small fixes and improvements
*Improvements to icon quality when using UI DPI scaling
+File and folder browser displays large icons when UI DPI scaling is 150% or more
*Small fixes and improvements
*Fixed stream list command buttons when using UI DPI scaling
*Fixed animated stream list clear ('X') button when using UI DPI scaling
*Fixed abort batch and cancel command buttons when using UI DPI scaling
*Improvements for UI DPI scaling on Windows 7
*Fixed flickering of file browser when changing folders *Fixed delete animation for the animated song list +Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Improvements for UI DPI scaling
*Other minor fixes and improvements
+Added playtime and rating (settable) display for the file browser panel
*Fixed loading of re-arranged column orders for lists
*Other minor fixes and improvements
+Improved cover art conversion functionality
+Improved quick-search and advanced search speed
*Fixes to UI DPI scaling
*Fixes to ID3v2 tags
+Detailed tag editors now use an animated and more detailed cover art list
+Improvements and fixes for the detailed tag editors
*Fixed WMA tags rating processing
*Improvements and fixes for the animated list
*Fixes to editing MP4 Xtra atom tags
+Added support of setting and saving Xtra atom content
*Fixed support of moov atom after the mdat atom in the file
*Fixed removing of Xtra atom
*Fixed reading and writing of MP4 files with 64 bit atom sizes
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Added right mouse button click pop-up-menu to detailed MP4 tag editor's Xtra atom listing
+The installer is now bundled with Context Menu Audio Converter that can be automatically registered with MP4 Stream Editor
+Added listing of MP4 Xtra atom
*Fixed detialed tag editor tool bars when using DPI scaling
*Fixed repair MPEG streams frame count analyzing when there is an Info or Xing frame at the file's beginning
*Fixed repair MPEG streams frame counting when a Lyricsv2 tag exists in the file
*Some minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed sample display captions
*Reduced CPU usage for the spectrum displays (eg. when main window is visible)
*Fixed moving up-down multiple items in the animated list view
+No DirectX 9 is needed any more, everything uses DirectX 11 now
+Improved sample display
*Fixed using tree-view folder browsing together with the animated list mode
*Delete animation for items is now 600 ms instead of 800 ms for the animated list
+The app. doesn't run in admin mode any more (so is not portable, it must be installed with the setup.exe)
*Improved slicing audio files with CUE sheets
*Fixed Save As.. dialog when using UI DPI scaling
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Other minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed sonogram display
*Minor fixes and improvements
+Added new WAV BEXT tags
*Minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed encoding process slow-down
*Fixed recording device initialization when using Direct Sound mode
*Fixed recording window when using DPI scaling
*Fixed deactivating a visualization plugin when using it in full-screen mode
*Major improvements to Vis Spectrum plugin
+Improvements to ID3v2 tag handling
*Fixed detailed tag editors internet links page visit link button positions
*Fixed MP4 tag editor cover arts and all atoms listing
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Improvements to MPEG handling
+Improved slice by silence window when using DPI scaling
*Fixed animated list jumping to top when clearing the list
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Updates and fixes for output casting
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Improvements to user interface DPI scaling
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Support of user interface DPI scaling on Windows 8 and up
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Improvements to user interface DPI scaling
*Search The Movie Data Base window appears maximized
+Search for and download movie details from The Movie Data Base for MP4 files
*Fixes for file dialogs
*Fixed registration window
+All plugins support DPI scaling
*Fixes to DPI scaling
+Stream lists support DPI scaling
+Updated basswv.dll and bassopus.dll
*Other minor fixes and improvements
+Faster processing
+Support of Windows' display scaling
*Fixed missing manifest
*ID3v1 tags are saved with the current system locale codepage
*Fixes and improvements to tag processing
*Fixes and improvements to tag processing
+Faster ID3v2, MP4 and Flac tag processing
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed ID3v2 cover art issues
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixes to WAV tag writing (WAV/ID3v2)
+Added support of loading ID3v2 tags with compressed frames
+Improved detailed MP4 tagging and fixed add atom functionality
*Fixed registration not working in some case
+Support of HTTPS checking of latest version
+Updated SSL libraries
*New 'Organize Music Files From Folder' tool
*Fixed missing UAC manifest (introduced in the previous update)
*Fixed clearing the animated stream list while refreshing
*Fixed selecting folders
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Added video thumbnails for MP4 video files
+Added alpha channel (transparency) support for cover art for the thumbnail list mode
*Fixed crash in 'Vis Spectrum' plugin when changing style
+Added support of HLS internet streams
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed flickering of the path combobox
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixes to user interface
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed listviews flickering when using styles
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+New user interface style system with 30 user-choosable styles
-Removed 3 obsolete plugins
-Removed CD cover printing option
*Fixed saving plugins' window positions
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Added detailed media info display (by Media Info Library)
+Cut audio by silence now works with all formats supported by edit format plugins
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Imroved MPEG error handling for count frames, copy frames and get bit rates
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Improvements to the detect and cut by silence functionality
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Added problem 'ID3v2 TLEN mimatch' for the repair list
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Added ID3v2 tagging support for DSD .DFF files
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+New decodeless edit format plugin for MP4 files (MP4, M4A, M4B, ALAC)
+Added 'RF64' file extension for the WAV edit format plugin
*Fixed sample view 'Save Selection As Stream Copy...'
*Fixed blank sample display after edit
+New MPEG stream problems detection added
*Major speed improvements to MPEG frame copy and frame count process with corrupt streams
+New 'Repair stream list' functionality (only for MPEG files, other formats may be added in the future)
*Major improvements to MPEG frame copy process (streaming MP3 from WAV container should be fixed now too)
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Improvements to APE tag loading
*Fixed animation when adding MPEG files to the stream list (moved MPEG properties parsing to a separate thread)
*Fixed animated list repeating animation for audio properties column
*Improved MPEG stream properties and first frame detection for corrupt MPEG streams
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed animated list mode hot-track
*Fixes to the file dialog (updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Slightly faster waveform/sonogram sampling process
*Fixed browser column layout loading/saving
*Fixed opening sample view
*Audio output device settings are now saved by device name (should fix device order changes)
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed AV on folder selection
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+New registration reminder window
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Other unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed saving browser column layout
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed thumbnail resize bug introduced in the previous update
*Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+Added support for 32 bit ALAC files
*Fixed sorting options for the file dialog (updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed many file dialog issues and added many new features and improvements (updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed file dialog icons/thumbnails not appearing in some cases (updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed cover art thumbnail aspect ratio and improved quality
+Added drag & drop support for the animated list view
+Improved text rendering on the animated list view and the file browser
*Fixed detailed tag editor window positions saving/loading
*Fixed animated list view play count refresh on play advance
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed animated list view expand/collapse
+Updated BASS Opus and ALAC plugins
*Fixed scanning MPEG frame count every time the file was added to the stream list
*Fixed settings option 'save playcount'
*Fixed cover art cache for cover arts in folder
*Fixed open dialog 'Open all' command (updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
+New multi-channel mixer tool
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixes and improvements to the animated list view
+New animated list view mode
+Multi-threaded loading of cover arts
+New option: song/album/artist info look-up on internet
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version
*Fixed adding audio files to the cut list
*Fixed cut list re-encode mode bit rate setting
*Fixed audio thumbnailing in file browser
*Fixed Amazon.com tag look-up
+New functionality: scan audio file for silence and mark (cut out) loud parts (batch processing also supported)
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to version with new animated list view mode
*Other unspecified minor fixes and improvements
* Fixed infinite loop for unicode tags in ID3v2 TXXX frames introduced with the previous update
* Fixed loading of (type 2) big endian unicode ID3v2 tags
*Fixed loading of big endian unicode ID3v2 tags
*Fixed converting APE(v2) and MP4 tag cover arts to other tag formats
+Improvements to UI
*Fixed full-screen song info settings window preview updating 2 times on some changes
*Fixed full-screen song info cover art image reflection when changing perpective transformation
+Added custom logo placement option for the full-screen song info display
*Fixed tag Amazon.com look-up
+Play list next queued song info is sent to the clients
+New option to set rating of currently playing song by client when using the cast server
+Improvements to recording window
+All recording settings are saved and loaded on startup
*Fixed output recording audio format mismatch when settings were different then the output audio format
*Fixed direct stream recording and output recording, 4GB sample data limit removed
+Improvements to recording status display
*Fixed 'Save Selection As...' saving the whole audio when stream was not initialized for BASS
+Added gradient background to buttons
*Fixed encode list ID3v2 POPM tag transfering with non-default e-mail address
+Slightly faster program startup
*Fixed long delay when invoking the full-screen song info display settings
+Converting audio files (encode list) transfers all (supported) tags from the source file
+Reduced .exe size by ~200KB
*Fixed detailed MP4 tag editor 'edit' tag function
*Rating/playcount/involved people and musician credits are now written to a standard '----' atom for MP4 files (more compatible with other tagger software)
*Fixed AV when completeing a binary transfer for the cast server
+Added support of tagging Ogg Theora video files
+Added a default 'Guest' login for information cast server
*Fixed deleting MP4 tag cover arts
*Fixed casting cover arts from separate picture files
*Fixed after play list pausing the play list stoped at the current song end
+Option to use all available tags for multi tag, tag to file name
+Added involved people tags support for MP4 files
*Fixed advanced search for MP4 files
+Added experimental support of playing DSD audio files over DSD enabled ASIO devices
*Fixes and improvements to ASIO output mode
*Fixed slow-down when encoding many files
*Fixed and improved DSF editing
*Fixed DFF editing now copies the meta data to the output file
*Fixed default file extension when selecting a recording file name
*Fixed recording file size reporting
*Fixed 'Save Selection As...' format settings overriden by encode list encode settings
*Fixed 'Save Selection As...' calling multiple times saving the whole audio file
*Fixed direct stream recording VLA in WASAPI mode
*Fixed APE tag reading with tags with 0 length field values
+Added virtual folder browse support for the browser
-Downgraded bassflac.dll becasue the new give false virus warnings
+Completely re-written MP4 tag writing
+Added option to specify padding options when saving MP4 tags
+Updated bassflac.dll (core decoder to libFLAC 1.3.1)
+Added support for editing 'name' and 'mean' atoms for MP4 tags
*Fixed DSD playback speed
*Fixed DSD edit plugin DSF data size setting
*Improved DSF editing for DSD edit plugin (probably not perfect yet)
*Fixed memory leak in WMA tag loading
*Fixed memory leak in the Ogg tag saving
+New functionality: convert DSD DFF audio files to DSF (multi channel supported)
*Fixed DSD DSF streaming plugin (edit, cut, join)
*New edit format plugin: DSD DSF and DFF
*Some small fixes related to DSD files
*Fixed reading ID3v2 UTF-8 TXXX frames
*Fixed support for DSD512 files
*Fixed sample display initialized twice
*Fixed sample display initialized before changing display type
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to
+Minor fixes and improvements
+Added full support of playing/editing DSD .dff and .dsf audio files (DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512)
+Completely new icons for associated files (Vista high resolution)
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library
*Fixed file type associations and added support for Vista and above
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to
+Total playlist time display includes specified cross-fade length
*Fixed developer log
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to
*Fixed memory leak in Ogg tag loading
*Fixed memory leak in WMA tag loading
+Full-screen song information display is now completely customizable with profiles
+Mixer master volume now adjusts only MP4 Stream Editor's output volume
+If play mode is shuffle, clearing the stream list will keep the next shuffle song too
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs to
*Fixed AVs related to open/save dialogs
*Fixed full-screen song info advancing when using cross-fading
*Fixed play list play next song
*Fixed play list play previous song
+Added shuffle mode to stream list playing
+Added option to jump over album root streams when play list playing the stream list
*Fixed invoking Windows audio mixer above XP
*Fixed disabling the screen-save/screen standby when full-screen displays are active
*Fixed full-screen song info for subsongs
+New functionality: full-screen currently playing song information (HD/Ultra HD compatible)
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs to
*Fixed stream list involved people/comments 'show/hide more' function
+Added updating the 'VBRI' MPEG header's 'frame count' and 'bytes' value
+Added support for editing ID3v2 tags in DSD .dsf audio files
+Improved WAV tags UTF8 field values setting
*Fixed reading and writing of ANSI field values with extended characters for WAV tags
*Fixed WAV RF64 writing support
*Fixed adding streams with subsongs to the play list
*Fixed advanced search UFID & TXXX page
*Fixed progress display when opening specific files with the file browser
*Fixed writing of WAV BEXT and CART tags, now the chunks are padded with a null byte
*Other minor fixes and improvements
+Added WAV BEXT and CART tag editing options to the detailed WAV tag editor
+Quick search now includes WAV LIST INFO, BEXT and CART artist, title, album and description tags in search
+Added WAV LIST INFO, BEXT and CART tag search for advanced search
*Other minor fixes and improvements
+Added option to specify audio format for the encode list
+Added WAV format output mode to the encode list
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs to (with WAV LIST INFO support and updated tag reading to the latest version of the tagging libraries)
+Added long edit mode to APEv2 tag list editor
+Added Flac and Vorbis/Opus tag list editor
+Copy/pesteing between tag list editors transfers all tags now
+Rolling the mouse wheel above controls now instantly scrolls the control even when not focused
+Added WAV LIST INFO tag processing to the multi tag list (tag 2 file name/file name 2 tag)
*Other minor fixes and improvements
+Added full support of detailed tag editing (reading and writing) of WAV LIST INFO tags (RF64 WAV files are supported too)
+Added PE flag to the executable to support more than 2 GB of memory usage
*Fixed draging and dropping files from Windows explorer to the MP4 Stream Editor window on Vista and up
*Fixed reading Flac tags' cover arts with 0 length descriptions
+Added checking of invalid WAV and RF64 files before saving the ID3v2 tag
*Fixed writing ID3v2 tags in WAV RF64 files
*Fixed reading and writing MP4 tags of atoms with a 0 length data
*Fixed BASS CPU usage display when using WASAPI output mode
*Other minor fixes and improvements
+Improved tagging for the encode list
*Fixed missing msvcr100.dll
*Other minor fixes and improvements
+Added commands to remove all the supported tags from selected files
*Fixed cut list output file name extension when using the 'Re-encode' mode
*Fixes and improvements to cut list processing
*Fixed aborting the cut list and encode list processing batch task
*Other minor fixes and improvements
-Removed basic tag editor (use detailed tag editor instead which has the same functionality)
-Removed subsong editor (use detailed tag editor instead which has the same functionality)
+Added ID3v1 detailed tag editor
+Added 'Guess tags' to all detailed tag editors (checks for ID3v1 tag and copies it's fields, if no ID3v1 tags exists, extracts values from file name)
+Added option for 'Tag to file name' to specify disc number and option to pad track and disc number
+When saving ID3v2 and MP4 tags and the new tag + padding is smaller then the existing tag, the tag is re-written with new padding (this means if for example a large cover art is removed the new file size will be smaller)
+A little speed-up in ID3v2 tag writing
+Added new VST DSP plugin 'Perfect Declipper' (shareware version)
*Fixed Ogg Vorbis tag writing creating random sized files
*Other minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed detailed Flac tag editor: adding cover arts
*Fixed stream list thumbnail view mode show/hide link for involved people
*Fixed false ID3v1 tag detection in some casses
+Added support of opening https streams
+ID3v2 tags of internet (URL) streams are now displayed
*Fixed out of memory error when sample editing large streams
*Fixed transfering the tags when editing audio sample data
*Fixed saving subsongs: reduced tag size (subsongs are written without padding)
*Fixed detailed ID3v2 tag editor window min. size
*Fixed detailed MP4 tag editor window content resize
*Fixed detailed APEv2 tag editor cover art edit's cover type selection
*Fixed ID3v1 tags containing 0s after the tag field values
*Fixed exception when removing an item from the stream list
*Fixed ID3v1 tag reading
*Fixed Ogg Vorbis tag writing (not sure it's 100% correct)
*Fixed output casting server (broken in the previous release)
+New option for the cast server: browse song folder and download songs
*Fixed ID3v1 tags containing 0s after the values
*Fixed removing a stream from the stream list and then loading another causing a crash
*Fixed missing 'libeay32.dll' and 'ssleay32.dll' which fixes information cast server login
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Added support for reading/writing MP4 tags with 64bit atom sizes (files >4GB)
*Fixed possible access vialoations for the information cast server
*Fixed writing MP4 tags with a 64bit 'co64' atom and files with a 0 length 'mdat' atom
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+When loading MPEG files for sample display MPEG frames are always counted (so it will be correct for demaged/partially downloaded MP3 files)
*Bit rates view selection is now frame precise
*Fixed multiple selection (shift & control) in thumbnail view mode (bug introduced in the previous update)
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Output information casting server now supports multiple login accounts each with custom rights
*Opion to control casting server by client (play/pause/stop/previous/next)
*Fix for not saving network streams resulting loading the previous save file if existed
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Mouse wheel zooming is more precise
*Fixed preview cut and paste
*Fixed Opus and Vorbis editing
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Plugin API has changed, plugins need to send their capabilitie flags back on initialization
+Option to select channels to edit
+When editing in channels mode DSP efect plugins can be applied to selected channels only
+Option to save selection in channels mode (only selected channels will be saved)
+After edit commands zoom and sample display position is preserved
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed sonogram sampling count now precise for more than stereo files
*Fixed sonogram playback position display
*Fixed cut list end frame display in spin edit when previous selected item's end frame was larger
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New "Sonogram" sample display mode with adjustable scale and FFT resolution
+Slicing up an audio file with subsongs copies all meta data to output files
*Fixed adding to the cut list a non-MP3 file with subsongs, file's last subsongs' end frame/playtime is now correct
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New sample edit command "Reverse" to reverse the selection
+New sample edit command "Change tempo" to apply "time-warping" to the selection (changes the sound to play at faster or slower speed than original, without affecting the sound pitch)
+New sample edit command "Change pitch" (changes the sound pitch or key, without affecting the sound tempo or speed)
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+All plugins supporting presets, and VST presets, now have a "Create new preset" (+) and "Delete this preset" (-) buttons, this also fixes the hint shadow bug
+Sample display startup rotation effect is now always 500ms long regardless of fps
*Fixed removing a favourite folder in settings
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed cut list and encode list removing multiple items at the same time
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New effect plugin "UnDistort" to fix distorted audios, repair demaged audio, remove artifacts from audio files
*Fixed undo/redo after applying effect plugins
*Fixed sample display apply dsp effect plugin plugin window not showing when "Inactive transparent windows" was checked in settings
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed tag look-up apply error when the date field is malformed
*Fixed detailed tag editor when saving displaying "Processing..."
*Fixed cut list cut start/end positions based on .cue sheet/subsongs
*Fixes for MP4 tag writing
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Fixes for MP4 tag writing
+Added option to load .cue sheet files directly (according audio file(s) will be opened)
*Fixed "Open with MP4 Stream Editor" from Windows explorer not loading the BASS plaugins
*Fixed adding non-MPEG files to the cust list in folder browse mode
*Fixes for MP4 tag writing
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed encoding to WMA
+Updated Basswma.dll to version which sovles the encoding issues to WMA Pro multi channel
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Save subsong and .cue sheet from information cast server meta data
*Fixed adding a whole folder to the encode list with the file browser
*Fixed saving internet streams
*Fixed information cast server dropping connection after a while
*Fixed WavPack audio file opening
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Updated bassopus.dll to version
*Fixed saving MP4 tags corrupting the output file in some cases
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Output casting information (meta data) server option with cover art, chat and download song option
*Fixed saving assigned global plugins on exit
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Set starting and ending frame for the cut within the cut list
+Updated cut list control panel
+Added new option 'Preserve original file name' and set output folder for cut list's cut mode
*Fixed transfering tags when using the 'Save Selection As Stream Copy...' command
*Fixed clearing the cut list
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Updated GUI
+Faster and improved logging
+Improved WMA options and encoding
+Reduced memory usage of fade volume shape editor
*Fixed Lame encoding parameters window mode selection
*Fixed encoding WAV files and encoding to WMA
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Added support for AAC encoding format for output casting
+Updated Lame encoding options dialog to the latest Lame version options
*Some small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Quick search is performed in a separate thread
+Added some logging when loading/saving lists and for stream list "Clean up" command
+Encode list command line reporting improved
*Added workaround when play list is advancing to a non-initialized stream
*Fixed stream format conversion for AC3 encoding for the encode list
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New encoding format AC3
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed sample display - lists splitter
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Improved sample display - lists splitter (sorry still not perfect)
+Fixed terminating on evaluation over
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Record output functionality with re-mixing and encoding preset system support
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Multiple detailed tag editor windows can be opened
+Encode, multi tag and cut list content is automaticaly saved and loaded on program startup
+Loading and saving option for encode, multi tag and cut list
*Fixed not available pop-up menu items grayed for encode, multi tag and cut list
*Fixed reading ID3v2 tags when there is no zero ending character (also fixes ID3v2 frame editor freezing when choosing a not matching frame type display)
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+ID3v2 frame editor moved to a separate window
*Fixed adding ID3v2 subsong cover arts
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed ID3v2 UTF8 tags reading
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed ID3v2 detailed tag editor listing the list fields multiple times
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Enhanced cut list: now works in 2 modes: stream copy (decodeless) and re-encode, decodeless mode uses edit format plugins
+Cut list 'Create subsongs' converts any supported format tags into ID3v2 subsong tags
+Edit format plugin support enhanced
+New edit format plugin: Opus (edit Opus files without decoding)
+New edit format plugin: Ogg Vorbis (edit Ogg Vorbis files without decoding)
+Stream list pop-up menu 'Stream Subsong' works with stream edit format plugins
+Sample display menu 'Stream/Save Selection As Stream Copy...' works with stream edit format plugins
*Fixed loading of playlists with items with .cue sheet files
*Fixed loading ID3v2 tags when the tag was not at the beginning of the file
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library with support for MP4/Ogg Flac/Ogg Vorbis/Opus and WMA tags
*Fixed sample display bug when the window is resized
*Fixed loading of Flac tags which have a 0 length meta block
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Added full support for Ogg Flac files including editing tags and cover art
*Fixed Flac encoding paremeters Ogg Flac output flag
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+When saving tags and file is allocated for playback a dialog is displayed whether to stop playback and save the tag (playback continues after the tag is saved)
*Fixed sample display position display when playback is paused/resumed
*Fixed seeking in paused mode
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New command for detailed tag editing: search for lyrics with Google
*Fixed keeping selection for volume change and edit functions
*Fixed outputing some debug information accidently left in the release version
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Cover art pictures loaded from folders are cached
*Fixed MPEG bit rates graph
*Fixed Flac tag writing rewriting the file always
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed WASAPI mode output mode possible lock-ups in some cases
*Fixed spectrum vis plugin frequency text with non 48KHz input and grid position
*Fixes to MP4 tag writing
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New default icon theme
+New commands for 'Detailed tag editing': look-up tags and cover art from beatport.com and amazon.com
+Reduced sample display's memory usage by 50%
*Fixed sample display playback position display
*Fixed playback position display in mixer stream control when channel is paused
*Fixes and speed enhancements for Flac tag reading
*Fixes to MP4 tag writing in some cases
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New encoding format Windows Media Audio (Professional)
*Fixed 'Save As...'
*Fixed incrementing Flac tag playcount on play
*Fixed bit rate detection of internet streams when using the 'stream in blocks' flag
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Loading support of ID3v2.2 tags (they are converted to ID3v2.3)
+Added support for ID3v2 frame grouping identity
*Fixed 'Open URL...' and added option to listen and save multiple internet audio streams at the same time
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Full support for WMA tags with detailed edit and cover art manager
+Multi tagger file name to tag works with all supported tagging formats
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Moving items in the stream list in thumbnail mode keeps the item in visibility
+Updated BASS.dll to 2.4.10 with support for Soundtracker MOD files
*Fixed encoding to Apple Lossless format
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Aded for multi tagger 'Tag to file name' option Ogg Vorbis/Opus and Flac tags support
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Advanced search now searches Flac tags also
+Direct stream recording supports WASAPI mode recording
*Fixed adding a recording channel to the stream list
*Fixed removing multiple files from the stream list
*Fixed mixer volume not working in WASAPI output mode
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Detailed encoding options for Flac format
+Full support for Flac tags with detailed editing and managing of cover arts
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New: ASIO and WASAPI (requires at lest Windows Vista) output mode
+Vis Plugins plugin now supports 32bit float channels
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed encode list converting to wrong sample rate for encoding
*Fixed reading of corrupt APE tags when a tag size was wrong
*Other small unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Encode list accepts all supported audio file formats and defaults to 'Automatic tag' mode that is all the supported tag formats are converted to the destination file format's tags
*New encoding target QAAC (Apple's MP4 implementation) and support for encoding to Apple Lossless format
*New encoding format Monkey's audio
*Other small unspecified fixes and improvements
+In WAV editing mode (non MPEG) editing is now performed sample precise
*Fixed direct stream recording related function
+Direct stream recording now supports all the encoding presets MP4 Stream Editor supports, excluding MP2
+Direct stream recording Volume Level Activation now creates a single output file
+Improvements to 'Sound search': stricter parameters possibility and a dialog to cancel the process if more then 99 matches are found
*Other small unspecified fixes and improvements
+New command 'Sound search' to search for occurances of an audio clip in the opened audio stream
+New commands 'Remove all subsongs' and 'Cut all subsongs' to be used together with sound search
*Fixed when creating a new encoding preset after clicking OK the preset is now selected
*Fixed stream 'Save as...' 'MPEG Frame Copy' mode
*Other unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New encoding to format Ogg Vorbis is fully supported
+Detailed tag editing for Ogg Vorbis files (including cover arts)
*Other unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+Updated BASS .dlls to the latest version
+After audio sample editing commands selection is adjusted for the command
*Fixed a bug related for Flac files introduced in the previous update
+Full support for Opus audio files - detailed tag editor and tag display (including cover arts) in the stream list
+When 'Saving as' original file's Opus tags are converted to ID3v2 or MP4 tags and saved into the new file (including cover arts)
+When 'Saving as' original file's tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2, MP4, Flac and Vorbis comments) are converted to Opus tags also and saved into the new file (including cover arts) when saving as Opus audio files
+Added some new encoding presets for AAC/MP4 and Opus
*Fixed ID3v2 and MP4 detailed tag editor discarding some frames when using the all tags view
*Fixed adding to stream list and loading .cda files (audio CD tracks)
*Fixed APEv2 and MP4 playcount display in the stream list
*Other unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+When 'Saving as' original file's tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2, MP4, Flac and Vorbis comments) are converted to ID3v2 or MP4 tags and saved into the new file (including cover arts)
+Thumbnail view mode displays disc info if available
*Fixed ID3v2 and APEv2 detailed tag editor sometimes writing the 'Popularity' tag even if not specified
*Fixed encoding to AAC/MP4 sometimes hanging
*Fixed thumbnail view mode displaying ID3v2 cover arts with only MIME type 'image/jpeg', now 'image/jpg' too
*Other unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+In thumbnail view mode when involved people and/or comment doesn't fit in the view a 'show all' link is displayed - clicking on it enlarges the item's display height according to content
+When 'saving as' an audio file and 'preserve ID3 tag data' is selected, APEv2, MP4 and ID3v1 tag is converted to ID3v2 tag
+Detailed ID3v2 tag editor has a new page where all frames and their properties can be edited - so the (simple) tag frame editor has been removed
+'Initial key' setting for ID3v2 and APEv2 tags, also displayed in thumbnail view mode
*Improved compatibility when tagging MP4 files
*Fixed refreshing cover art in thumbnail view mode after detailed tag edit
*Fixed displaying cover art in thumbnail view mode for Flac file format subsongs
*Other unspecified minor fixes and improvements
+New cover art thumbnail list view (supports cover arts from ID3v2, MP4, APEv2 tag and separate picture files in the same folder as the audio file)
+MP4 tag playcount and rating support (note that it's not iTunes compatible)
+APEv2 tag playcount and rating support
+Advanced search checks MP4 tag rating and playcount if specified
+New MP4 tag field 'Purchase date' (editable)
+New command, menu: Tools/Open Containing Folder
+Some small improvements for plugins
*Other minor fixes and improvements
+Reading and writing of MP4 tags including detailed edit and cover picture support
+Copying/pasting supports MP4 tags
+Multi tagger tag to file name supports APEv2 and MP4 tag sources
+Advanced and quick search includes MP4 tags in their search, also there are some MP4 tag specific search options
+Cover art manager for ID3v2, APEv2 and MP4 tag formats
+Quick search includes WMA, Ogg Vorbis and Flac tags in the search
*Fixed changing stream list columns to display settings
*Some minor fixes and improvements
+Audio sample display: mouse wheel zooming now zooms into and out from where the mouse pointer is pointing
+Audio sample display: mouse wheel zooming is animated
+Audio sample display: improved 'Zoom' animation
+Audio sample display: improved 'View all' animation
+If cross fade slider is set to 0 real gapless playback is performed on playlist advance
*Some minor fixes and improvements
+New sample edit effect 'Fade volume shaped' (can be applied to selection)
+New sample edit command 'Trim to selection'
+New sample edit command 'Append clipboard content'
+Support for the new Opus audio codec (opening, playing, encoding to and CD ripping to)
+Improvements to CD ripping
+Updated Lame to version 3.99.5 (now supports 32bit float audio for input)
*Various many minor fixes and improvements
+New DSP effect plugin 'BassFX Low Pass Filter'
+New DSP effect plugin 'BassFX Auto Wah'
+New DSP effect plugin 'BassFX Echo 2'
+New DSP effect plugin 'BassFX Chorus'
+New DSP effect plugin 'BassFX All Pass Filter'
+New DSP effect plugin 'BassFX Distortion'
+Added 2 more bands to DSP effect plugin BassFX Equalizer (50Hz and 16KHz) and some basic presets
+Sample edit commands change volume, fade volume and normalize volume displays values in dB too
+Subsongs are preserved while editing audio streams
+When a stream is opened for editing and has subsongs, clicking on a subsong in the stream list selects the subsong in the sample view
+Improved opening sample view for subsongs
*Fixed DSP plugins not listing their presets
*Fixed loading a plugin manually, disapearing from the list
*Various other minor fixes and improvements
+New sample edit command: change stream format (resample, change resolution, re-order and re-mix channels)
+New sample edit command: normalize volume (can be applyed for selection)
+New sample edit command: fade volume in & out (can be applyed for selection and per channel)
+New: unlimited level undo with redo
+New: plugin system has been updated, now all plugins support multiple instances (note that only MP4 Stream Editor DSP plugins are supported for this feature by MP4 Stream Editor)
+New: sample edit commands: apply MP4 Stream Editor DSP effect plugins (can be applyed for selection)
+New: sample edit commands: apply VST DSP effect plugins (can be applyed for selection)
+New: VST programs can be selected
+New: VST plugins's settings can be saved to and loaded from a preset
*Fixed sample view pause command
*Various other minor fixes and improvements
*Fixed sample edit commands re-sampling 2 times
*Fixed sample edit commands when selection start was at start or at end
+New sample edit commands: insert silence and change volume (can be applyed per channel)
+Sample display rendering is performed in a separate thread (editing functions can get 100% of 1 CPU core)
*Fixed undo restores previous selection
*Fixed MPEG editing functions slowdown
*Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed adding to the Stream List a file with old subsong system
*Fixed playing subsong stream with TLEN information
*Default setting for D3D frame rate is limit to 30 fps
+Completly rewritten subsong system, now subsongs support all ID3v2 standard fields
+Cut list completly supports the updated sybsong system for cutting (by subsongs) and joining (constructing/preserving) subsongs within MPEG streams
*Fixed recording internet streams file saved in MP4 Stream Editor's program folder
*Fixed 'Fun mode' for sample display
+When ripping CD track to MP4 and there is a successfull CD info query track info (tag) is written into resulting MP4 files
*Fixed resuming playlist playing when item was missing
+New: resuming playlist playing works with subsongs
*Fixed shutdown after last item
+Undo remembers previous selection
*Fixed opening internet (radio) urls
*Fixed correct file extension when saving internet streams
*NetRadio list updated
*Fixed 'Paste Mix' wrong mixing position
*Fixed 'Append stream...' access violation bug
+New: option to preserve ID3 tags when 'Saving As...'
+New: editing all audio formats (including multi channel) that are recognised
+New: all editing functions support multi channel
+New: 'Paste Mix' mode to mix clipboard content from selection with the editing stream
*Fixed 'Save As...' encoding in AAC/MP4 format cover art not found error
*Fixed sample display play selection
*Fixed album mode CD ripping to MP3 format
+New: CD ripping to AAC/MP4 format
+New: encoding option to AAC/MP4 with 3 default presets
+New 'Save As...' menu item supports (re-)encoding and converting (sample rate, resolution, channels) of the loaded audio file with all the available encoding presets
+Multimedia controls (play/pause/stop/previous/next) are supported
*Fixed Normalize Volume plugin adjusts volume in less increments
*Fixed Encode List encoding in Flac format
*Fixed sample display zooming out when viewing position is at the end
*Fixed encoding progress remaining time display now displays in specified format
+Stream 32bit WAV plugin supports RF64 WAV audio files (WAV files with >4GB supported)
+Stream 32bit WAV plugin creates RF64 WAV audio files when needed
+ID3v2 tagging support for RF64 WAV audio files
*Fixed basic tag editing clicking 'Details' button
*Fixed WMA Broadcast plugin crashing
*Fixed saving assigned gloabl DSP plugins, plugins that are inactive
+Stream 32bit WAV plugin supports multi channel audio files
+WAV format edit plugin supports chunks after the WAVE id (RF64 ready WAV supported)
*Fixed AAC file format channel mode info display
+Added WMP visualisation plugin 'Blazing colors'
+WAV edit format plugin supports multi channel audio files and all extra WAV chunks are preserved when editing
*Fixed multi channel output slight delay on rear channels
*Fixed sample display playback position display
*Fixed playback position display in stream control
*Fixed stopping playback
*Fixed WAV audio file format bit rate information display
+AAC and AC3 audio file format bit rate and format information is displayed
+'Save selection as WAV' and 'Save all as WAV' is supported for multi channel audio files
+Added some basic support for reading FLAC Vorbis Comments and first cover art
*Fixed release date, recording date and original release data display in the Stream List, are now formated
*VST DSP plugins are now applyed to the stereo mixer (which is then up-mixed to a multi channel output according to the matrix mixing and speaker configuration settings)
+When saving ID3v2 tag and the tag doesn't fit and the file is under playback a dialog is shown wether to stop playbak and save the tag, after the tag is saved playback is resumed
+Stream info displays the size of the ID3v2 and APE tag
*Fixed display of streams after searching for missing entries
*Fixed display of streams after seting rating and detailed editing
+When changing the matrix mixing profile in settings the settings are applyed instantly
*Fixed pausing/unpausing playback
+Detailed ID3v2 and APEv2 editor supports editing multiple files at once
*Fixed opening a not assigned VST DSP plugin's configuration window now displays a dialog
*Fixed Visualisation Plugin plugin remembers the last choice
*Fixed changing the playback speed of the stream
*Fixed missing BASS_VST.dll
*Fixed re-ordering the Stream List with dragging and dropping
+Added new VST DSP plugin 'Broadcast'
+New freely configuratible matrix mixing with saveable profiles
+WinAmp DSP plugins supported for multichannel audio files, the DSP is applyed to the left/right channel
+New VST DSP plugin support
*Fixed DSP plugins in 16bit output mode
+New detailed advanced search functionality with support for ID3v2, APEv2, ID3v1, OggVorbis and WMA Tags
*Fixed visualisation crash when using VisPlugins plugin
*Fixed some APEv2 fields loading
+New pop-up menu for quick seting rating
+Detailed APEv2 Tag editor with support for MP4 Stream Editor and Helium Music Manager compatible save mode
*Fixed sorting the Stream List by clicking on a column when play list was a playing
+New menu items for detailed tag editing
+Display all available fields for Stream List columns
+Customize Stream List columns
+Detailed ID3v2 Tag editor window supports pasting APEv2 Tags with Helium Music Manager tag fields
*Fixed windowed Main Mixer Stream visualisation window resize
+All visualisation plugins now try to render at 60 FPS
*Fixed Main Mixer Stream visualisation, starting a new plugin disables the already running one
+New: detailed APEv2 Tag editor command buttons have icons
+New detailed ID3v2 Tag editor
*Fixed removing a stream from the list when it's opened
*Fixed tag copy/paste button statuses (all are updated on clipboard content change)
+New detailed (all fields) editor for APEv2 Tags
*Fixed album info text colors
+Multi Tagger APEv2 editor supports copy/paste
+Enhanced tag copy/paste functionality (cross copy/paste between ID3v1 - ID3v2 and APEv2)
+Tag editor support for APEv2 tags (including cover pictures)
+Tag editor album cover picture display keeps the picture's aspect ratio
+Album info supports APEv2 tags (including cover pictures)
+Multi Tagger supports APEv2 tags
*Fixed plugin windows appeareance
*Fixed MO3 icon
+Re-implemented Multi Tager "File name to tag" function
*Fixed Multi Tager "Cross taging" functions
+Added Multi Tager "Cross taging" "Only is field not exists" flag
*Fixed shutdown on playlist end
*Fixed crash when loading a previous playlist with a paused state
+Added context menu for files on the lists
*Fixed pop-up menu for the lists
*Fixed sample display acquiring focus on mouse hover
*Fixed log when editing WAV files
*Fixed re-ordering stream list with clicking on column
*Fixed total playtime display
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
+Support for AIFF and AIFC audio files
+ID3v2 taging support for AIFF, AIFC and WAV audio files
*Fixed plugin windows stay-on top
*Fixed "Add to Encode List" now displays progress
+Main volume control now adjusts only MP4 Stream Editor's output volume
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed support for MPEG I Layer 2 (with CRC) streams
*Fixed MPEG cutting
*Fixed setting option "On touch count MPEG frames" and "ID3v2 SEFC - Save frame count"
*Fixed randomize play list
+Playback support for MIDI (*.mid) files
*Fixed visualisation plugins
+Audio system rewritten to BASS 2.4
+Audio playback is performed through a main mixer with support for multi channel playback, global DSP plugins and global visualisation plugins
+Sample display switched to TGraphDisplay3D (supports displaying multi channel audio streams)
*All plugins rewritten to the new audio system and many bugs fixed
+Added support for new audio file formats ADX and AIX
+Other minor fixes
*Fixed play count functions
*Fixed leaving temporary copies of audio files when they are used by BASS (under playback)
+Optimization: Sample display create vertex buffer and rendering a little faster
*Fixed TDRC now data-time bug
+Optimization: Sample display create vertex buffer 20% faster
*Fixed mono audio stream display
*Zoom function rewritten
*Selection is more precise
*Subsong marker draging/selection is more precise
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
+CDDB-FreeDB query is faster
+CDDB-FreeDB query displays multiple matches and prompts for selection
+CDDB-FreeDB query supports UTF-8 entries
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed List popup-menus and icons not showing
+Fixed UAC requirement
*Fixed Stream List popup-menu not showing
+Fixes to the Hungarian locale
*Fixed crashes with old (not properly written) ID3v2 SEFC frames
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed reading of ID3v2.3 tag with extended header
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed wrong ID3v2 tag size with SESC frames
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed not supported ID3v2 tag versions are untouched
*Fixed displaying short audio streams
+Short audio stream limit is higher
*Fixed writing bad ID3v2.3 tags with SESC frame
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
+Loading and saving of ID3v2.4 tags
+Editing of WMA Tags
*Fixed: running another instance was not giving the files from parameters to the already running instance
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed: selection is again fast on the sample display
+For ID3v2 comment language id and lyrics language id if not specified defaults to "eng"
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed icons not appearing on Vista and up
+New window for inserting ID3v2 album cover pictures, supports JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP formats and seting description and picture type
+Supported album cover picture formats when displaying them: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
+ID3v2 tagger window display ID3v2 album cover picture description and type also
*Fixed deleting album cover pictures (APICs) form ID3v2 tags
-Removed option to put album cover pictures when ripping audio CDs
+Option to display and edit the lyrics
+Option to edit the comment and lyric language ID and description strings
+All formats of ID3v2 tag strings (ASCII format ISO-8859-1, UTF-16 with BOM, UTF-16BE without BOM, UTF-8) are supported for loading
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed recording channel visualisation
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixes to the Hungarian translation
*Various small fixes and enhancements
+Added Hungarian translation
*Fixed Add to Encode List files with no Tags
*Add to Encode List files with Tags now use the Artist - Title format
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed resuming play on program startup with subsongs
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed "Access is denied" error for files on network drives
+Fixed Global mode WinAmp DSP plugin assignment
*Fixed single track ripping to MP3 command line error
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
+Updated Lame to version 3.98.2
*Fixed removing ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to version
*Fixed more than 2 channel audio sample generation
*Fixed Filesystem Dialogs Library more than 2 channel audio thumbnail generation
*Fixed Filesystem Dialogs Library audio thumbnail cache issue
*Fixed mono streams sample display
*Fixed startup continuing playing with proper syncs
*Fixed startup continuing playing program title
*Fixed MPEG bitrates display is now precise
*Fixed UTF8 ID3v2 Tags reading
*Fixed Filesystem Dialogs audio thumbnails (updated to version
*Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to
*Fixed reading external command line encoder replies
+Cutting is more accurate
*Fixed encoding item properties encoding preset settings button not showing
*Updated Filesystem Dialogs Library to
*Fixed unicode ID3v2 comment fields
*Fixed Tag editor view
*Unspecified fixes and updates
*Fixed unsupported ID3v2 Tags
+Improved internet stream recording
+On program exit playlist status is saved and playback is resumed on program start
+Audio CD cover printing option
+Unicode support
+Improved secondary display full screen visualisation
+Updated Filesystem Dialogs to (with unicode support)
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to
*Fixed large sample not showing
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to
*Fixed Nero CD/DVD burner plugin
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to
+All Lists use a not modal file selector dialog
+MP2 (TooLame) encoding format for the Encode List
+Keyboard shortcuts for controlling the playlist
*Fixed "Save As..." now shows correctly MPEG file name filter
*Fixed Sonique Vis Bridge Plugin and secondary display full screen visualisation Update
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to
+Updated Tools/Flac.exe to 1.1.3
+Updated bassflac.dll to
+ beta version with the archive
+Stream search now checks file name too
*Fixed: Swaping Plugins's orders
+Redesigned the Stream windows so that 2 streams can be displayed vertically with Stream List at once in 1280x1024
+Saving PLS and B4S Playlists sets the collection name as the file name
+Loading B4S Playlists: if file is not found at the given path now cheks for the stream into the same folder as the Playlist file
*Fixed: Double-click loading of Playlists
*Fixed: works on Windows98SE
*Fixed total (remaining) time display whith corrupt items in the list and added a Total Playtime display
+The Encode List accepts Flac encodings
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to 1.8.4
*Fixed Playlist playing not freeing streams when crossfade slider set to 0
*ID3v2 frame lister doesn't cut the first character when showing
+APIC frame (picture) viewer uses Lanczos filter for resizing images for crisp images
+Configurable Min/Max Process Working Set Size in MP4 Stream Editor.ini (default: 12/16MB)
+Updated bass_winamp.dll
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to 1.8.3
*Fixed Log is scrolling to the end
+Writes SEBR frame to .flac files also
*Fixed dialog GUIDs (all the dialogs are now separated from each other, they have individual settings)
*Minor bug fixes
+The up-down navigation keys can be used when renaming files and folders in the file browser without loosing the edit functionality
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to
*Fixed when starting up with Stream List panel hidden (MP4 Stream Editor didn't accept stream'a as she didn't know which list to add the files, now it defaults to the Stream List if no list is brought up)
*Fixed Direct Stream Recording with the "Record" button didn't work for the second time when used
*Fixed crashes on exit (not all yet I think)
+Changed to TRegistration component: Registered users need to request a new version code!
*Fixed Menu:Stream/Save selection as WAV... (was broken on non 0.026secs packets, now it measures as length %)
*Fixed Nero CD/DVD Writer Plugin not saving the settings, loading them randomly
+Stream 32bit WAV Plugin now works with multiselect too
*Fixed Saving playlist with corrupt characters (it's split now at null char #0)
*Fixed MultiTagger - ID3v1 and ID3v2 multi edit Tags
*Minor bug fixes
*Fixed Subsong Playlist playing
*Minor bug fixes
+Updated FilesystemDialogs.dll to
*Minor bug fixes
-Some major drawbacks due to the Windows shadow (alpha blend) and DirectX conflicts (please write to directx@microsoft.com if you are annoyed about this - the Transparent inactive windows feature is unusable for example, but supported by MP4 Stream Editor though - just like the Stream from memory feature)
+Option to Clear the Cut List after processing
*Bug fixes and enhancements (looping the Playlist etc.)
+Updated bass.dll to (and all companion .dlls too to this updated BASS)
+Updated oggenc.exe to OggEnc v2.82 (libvorbis 1.1.2) (oggenc2.exe renamed to oggenc.exe)
*Fixed sometimes jumpy MP3 playback
+MP4 Stream Editor now uses Filesystem Dialogs for file open/save file/select folder tasks
+Support for the multimedia keyboard Play/Pause button
*Fixed crash on Release WAV recording channel
+You can now re-arrange the Stream List columns and now the order and width are saved too
+If no configuration file is found a requester is popped up to ask you to set things up (designed for first run)
*Fixed Album Info display (was crashing when using it from the Stream List and from the file browser one after the other)
+Now BASS (when creating net streams) uses proxy settings (Note: if no proxy is specified BASS uses the default proxy settings from Internet Explorer: Internet Options)
+Plugins all use window transparency settings
+Updated theme management and new themes (Icons are now extracted by name not by index as it was till now)
+Updated multi-monitor support
-Removed madExcept code (the .exe is smaller now)
+Setting MPEG frame header bits is not limited to 5 mins. (all specified frames are set in the Demo version too)
+Updated basswma.dll to
+For legal issues bass_ac3.dll and bass_aac.dll is now available in a separate archive bass_ac3.dll and bass_aac.dll
*Fixed crossfading on playlist advance
*Fixed multi monitor support (again)
*Fixed wrong naming convention in CD ripper
*MultiTagger uses the same naming convention as the CD ripper
*Multi monitor support tweaks
+Window positions are saved in the demo version too
*Fixed crashing on Audio device change
+Multi monitor support
*Fixed ripping CDs with CD-TEXT
*Fixed crashing sometimes with Plugin status info
+Updated .dlls
*Various fixes
+Updated Winamp DSP Plugin support (updated bass_wadsp.dll)
*Fixed Subsong playtimes display
+Winamp DSP Plugin support (put dsp_*.dll file into \Plugins\DSP\ - Note that not all winamp plugins are guarantied to work!)
+In 32bit DSP mode Direct Stream Recording encoder receives 24bit audio data
+List popup menu "Add to Encode List..." works with every supported stream format
*Fixed Stream 32bit WAV Plugin now really streams Music Modules too
+Updated LAME to version 3.96.1
*Fixed issues related to Music Modules frame sizes
+Experimental ASIO output (enable debug mode in Settings)
*Plugin positions are saved
+New Plugin: WAV PCM Format Edit Input Plugin
*Loading Subsongs now loads only Subsong not the root stream
*Fixed Stream 32bit WAV Plugin causing skippy outputs!
*Fixed editing streams stream length not updated bug
*Various fixes and improvements
*Fixed crashes related to M4A, MP4 streams
+Uses new BASS 2.2 input plugin system
*Various fixes and improvements
*Undo editing fixed
*32bit WAV editing fixed
+Faster joining
*Various Fixes
*Plugin management Fixes
*Fixed CD Grabbing
+Sample, Tags, Subsongs buttons can be used on all lists
+Updated to BASS 2.2
+New supported playback formats: TTA, ALAC, AC3, SPX, AACH
+New Plugin: BASSFX Dynamic Amplification
+New Plugin: BASSFX Phaser
*Fixed Normalize Volume Plugin overvolume on next stream
*Fixed looping one stream in PlayList mode
*Fixed now fades Music Modules too
*Various Fixes
+New registration concept
+Option to add to Encode List in Stream 32bit WAV Plugin
*Fixed URL streams stream not found state
*Various Fixes
*Fixed closing with working Plugins
*Fixed transparent Record window
+Updated internet links
+Update lost playlist entries works for Subsongs too
+Updates to the Hungarian locale
*Save selection as WAV fixed for .CDA streams
*Swap VIS Plugin - Bitrates fixed
+Update lost playlist entries (look-up files)
+NetRadio channel browser
+Playlist Open/Save path is saved
+Updates to the Hungarian locale
+When crossfade slider is moved all cross-fade syncs are re-set to the new value
+Fixed Recording Add to List...
*Fixed not Acquiring Flac streams without ID3v2 Tag
+Full support for ID3v2 TXXX (text) frames (fully edit even if text contains $0 characters)
+Optional automatic Audio CD Title lookup from cddb/freedb
*Fixed CD Ripping
+Option to browse files by file type
+Faster switching between streams (Single mode updates)
+StreamList displays genre
+Loading a Playlist works for every List (for example if Cut List is the active list, opening a playlist.pls file fills up the Cut List with the playlist.pls entries
*Fixed cddb/freedb lookup login error becouse of extra characters (,,, etc)
*Fixed split mp3 based on .cue/Subsongs name creation and carrying over SESC, SEFC and Subsong related frames
*Fixed not freeing Subsongs on playlist advance
*Subsongs related fixes and improvements
+Option to automatically make inactive windows transparent
+Reads and uses/converts Helium Subtrack infos
+New command: Menu:Edit/Slide Subsong seekpoints (seekpoint+x)
*Fixed External editor parameters settings
+More Unicode support
+Added some MP3 Presets for mobile phones
*Fixed registration sometimes ending in infinite loop
+Internet Streams Artist - Title Subsong metadata tuning
+Modplug Sound System Input Plugin by Olivier Lapicque in distribution archive (supports OctaMED v1 Music Modules - MMD1)
+When listing and opening files, file types specified in Settings:File type associations is checked
+Acidspunk Sonique vis Plugin by Sren Holstebroe in distribution archive
*Fixed listing audio devices two times
*Fixed memory leak which was caused by unreleased MapFile Handles every second
*Fixed .CUE file NULL char titles and file type code
+Option in menu to set Rename Mode for the StreamList
+BASS 2.1 based
+Taging for CD grabbing with full cddb/freedb lookup/submit, APIC and Album mode, Flac support
+Added warning when starting CD grabbing with 32bit DSP processing
+Copy/Paste Tags in MultiTagger
*Fixed: removing APIC
+New commands for manipulating APICs (insert/replace)
+Option to save album colors in ID3v2 SEAC (just a couple of bytes)
+In Join mode if there are Subsong entries in the source files they will be joined together (so you can now join a 2 CD album into 1)
+Stream Subsongs from album MP3s
*TLEN is always saved from BASS's stream length info (it's more precise now)
+Open streams by mood (genre/style) and likeness
+You can disable file countung before search operations (a bit faster but you won't get progress info)
+Icon themes select on the fly
+StreamList file format can be specified
*Fixed .CUE file seekpoint ms instead of frames (mm:ss:ms not mm:ss:ff)
+File type associations can be managed from Settings
+Integrate "Repair with MP4 Stream Editor" into the context menu for .MP3 files
+Record directly to Flac format (about half the file size with no quality loss)
+Experimtental ASIO Player Plugin
*Nero CD/DVD Burner Plugin together with the new Stream 32bit WAV Plugin now can write Subsongs or Music modules to AudioCD tracks as well
+Search now looks inside Music mudules for Music's titles
+Subsong Editor for convenient editing of Albums
*Bug fuxes, bug fixes, bug fixes...
+Album mode character display color is guessed from picture brightness (slider for manully changing the brightness is also included)
*Fixed Internet Streams Subsong generation from receiving metadata (only changed Artist/Title will trigger a new Subsong seekpoint)
+Album mode file browsing
+Support for unlimited APIC frames (scan whole CD cover and inlet)
+New icon!!!
*Fixed cross-fade fade-in (broken in the meantime)
*Streaming from Internet .CUE file name generation fixed
*Fixed crash on Streamign from Internet channel release/end
+Clickable Info panel
*Crossfading length is now a slider on the Stream Channel control panel (set to 0 if you don't want crossfading)
+MO3 encoding fixed removing texts parameter (-r)
+Menu:Help/Latest Version: shows latest version available at the website
+Little browser in the bottom-right corner displays news and info about MP4 Stream Editor (requires at least 1152x864 resolution, but you can disable it in Settings:Internet)
+Drag&Drop enabled
+Encode list accepts MODs and Encodes them to MO3 format (with OggEnc or Lame)
*.CUE sheet loading optimizations
*Fixed MP4 Stream Editor Subsong System edit issues
+Fixed PopUp menu: Remove MP4 Stream Editor Specific ID3v2 Frames crash
+Finally default Playlist format has evolved to be MP4 Stream Editor Extended .b4s
*Bunch of bug fixes (Stoping Streams, MODs)
+List manipulation for all the Lists
*Fixed MiltiTaging swaped ID3v1-ID3v2 and ID3v2 Taging
+Shows memory usage
+A bit faster program loading
*Bug fixes
*Updated Nero Burner Plugin (many bug fixes and added Subsong support) p_stream_NeroCmd2.dll to
*Updated Stream 32bit WAV Plugin (supports Subsongs) p_stream_out32.dll to
+New Playlist format (.pl3) results much faster loading of Playlists (no files are opened until they are really needed like in WinAMP)
+New supported file formats: FLAC (.flc), OptimFrog (.ofr), WavPack (.wv), Monkey's Audio (.ape) and MusePack (.mpc)
+AAC/MP4 support (needs bass_aac.dll - MP4 FAQ)
+Some PopUp menu commands for easier manipulation to the Subsong entries (Remove subsongs; Remove whole album; Find root stream)
+Option to pre-buffer files to memory (no disc access is needed to play these files, dont't forget to turn off Loging for complete silence)
+In case Sampling for display fails, falls back to sample with DSPs
+CutList Cut mode accepts MP4 Stream Editor Subsong System for slicing up the stream
*Fixed menu: Windows commands
*Fixes to the Hungarian locale
+Direct WMA stream recording
*Fixed removing streams from the StreamList while PlaylistPlaying
+Much smoother seeking in streams
+Option to set VertexProcessing mode and Multithreading for D3D (Note: SoftwareVertexProcessing uses 25x more and slow AGP memory)
+Updated basscd.dll to
+Updated basswma.dll to
+Edit:Copy from CDA files
+Fixes for CDA streams on the StreamList
*Fixed MP3 Encoding Settings button click
*Small design fixes
+Updated bass.dll to
*Fixed MPEG frame header bit changer frames selection
*Fixes for the Hungarian locale
+Increased Stream accesing speed (adding to list ~200% faster, closing even more)
*Fixed adding folders issues
+Redesign of the Encode, MultiTag and Cut List
+Folder browse mode for all the Lists (Stream, MultiTag, Encode, Cut)
+Commands and Channel controls for all the lists (Use Acquire to open the file with one click and all the commands are available)
*Subsong fixes (playtime when only 1 subsong is present, moving subsong before previous or next is disabled, subsong parameters are updated in real-time on the StreamList, etc.)
*SEFC, SESC won't be copied when taging after encoding
*When moving Subsong seekpoints StreamList entry is updated
*Playtime remaining time including Subsongs
*Seeking in Subsongs
+MPEG frame header bit changer (set Copyright, Original etc. bits)
*Still having problems with MemoryMapFile (random crashes)
+Album mode AudioCD grabbing with .CUE sheet and MP4 Stream Editor Subsong system
*Fixed .CUE entries time >60mins.
+MP4 Stream Editor ID3v2 Subsong system with Playlist support (Save/Load order including .CUE (for non MPEG files) entries)
+Advanced .CUE sheet support for playlist, cutting, joining and edit entries visually including artist/title or even create from scratch
+Auto generation of .CUE sheet for streaming audio from internet
+LAME header support (first attempt to get the MPEG frame count is from the LAME header)
+Option to fix MPEG frame count and stream size in the LAME header if exists
+Updated LAME to 3.90.3
*Fixed B4S Playlist format issues, UTF8 encoding is fixed, added support for subsongs (<entry Playstring="subsong:.780494@C:\AUDIO.mp3">)
Note: Plugin interface has changed, previous plugins probably won't work from this version.
+WMA Broadcasting Plugin updated (addad hint - always set WMA sampling rate equal to input stream's to avoid buffer overflows)
*Hopefuly a workaround for MemoryMapFile corruption (causing random crashes)
*Re-implemented remaining free space display with recording channels on the StreamList
+New Plugin: WMA Broadcasting
*Fixed crashing when Playlist advancing over the last channel if it's a recording channel
-Removed remaining free space display with recording channels on the StreamList
+Reads Ogg Tags
*Fixed streaming URLs (internet streams) to local drive
*Fixed stored Cut points position display (there may be problems with old mono SESC though, use ReSample to fix it)
*Recent list discards duplicate file names
+Sample display can follow playing position
+Other minor improvements and redesign
+Stereo VU and Stream channel volume/panning control
*Fixed adding recording channel to the StreamList
+Other minor improvements and redesign
+Stream Channel controls all selected streams
*Fixed middle mouse play rewinding
*Rewind now positions at selection start instead of stream's beginning
*Fixed stream channel stops on Prev/Next with fade
+ID3v2 PCNT frame is useable for counting how many times the stream has been started playing
+Added some useful links to Help menu
+Updated bass_winamp.dll and bass_vis.dll
*Fixed previewing Cut/Paste with EC Repeat frames turned on
*Updated Winamp Input Plugins Bridge and bass_winamp.dll
*Updated Sonique Vis Bridge and bass_vis.dll
+Now any stream type can be ID3 Tag-ed (be smart, but can be removed at any time so don't panic :)
+New Plugin: Winamp Input Plugins Bridge (file types considered unknown will be enumerated with available WA input plugins found in ../Plugins/Input/ folder)
+New Plugin: Sonique Vis Bridge (use Sonique visualisation plugins)
*Fixed mono streams displayed as stereo
*Fixed CutList Taging issues
+New command line options: -r (repair) and -R (repair with repeat frames)
+Import custom (any) frames into ID3v2 Tags
+Add Selection to CutList button
*Fixed CutList processing when MPEG EC was on (now disabled)
+Extended support for Music Modules (loading, seeking) *Minor improvements
+Experimental Ogg Vorbis selection Copy (Copy a selection to a new file without decoding)
+New Plugin: WindowsMediaAudio Encode
+New Plugin: CommandLine Encode (for general command line encoders)
*Info panel redesign
*Load WMA streams fix and option to load music modules (experimental)
*Updated BASS DLLs
+Remove MP4 Stream Editor specific ID3v2 frames from Tags (clean up)
+Switched to stereo sample display (old SESC will display as mono, new SESC is 2x bigger: L&R)
+FFT below sample
*fixed other ID3v2 frames compress/decompress issues
*Fixed removing streams (again)
*Fixed ms display when smaller than 100ms
*Fixed Normalize Volume plugin
*Fixed removing opened streams
+Experimental duplicate frame MPEG Error Correction mode
*Edit fixes (and faster stream switching)
+3D animation (can be turned on/off)
+Sample Color presets
*Other minor improvements
*Switched to floating point sample (triangle count) resolution adjust. Now D3D Resolution sets the actual maximal triangle count treshold
*Extended command line support (under developement, currently supports multiple files and one swith "-E" to force encoding the files)
+In Settings you can set what should happen with the files specified in the command line
*Fixed freezing when middle mouse clicked repeatedly on Sample display for playing from position
+MPEG frame error correction (a bit slower but corrects corrupted MPEG files)
+Zoom-able Bitrates graph
+Shutdown on Playlist end
*Fixed StreamList icons on Play Selection end
+Preview Cut button (listen to what the Cut command's result will before doing it)
+Option to loop selection
+Two pair of slots for storing selections
+New exported functions: StatusMsg(Status1, Status2: String); and StreamsSetInfo(Index: Integer; var Stream: TBassStreamItem);
*Fixed freeing recording channels when closing visualization
+Settings option to automatically re-initialize D3D on resize
+Visualization support for MusicModule channels (you should use Recording channel for visualizating MusicModules instead eg. with "What-U-Hear")
*New high precision Spectrum analyzer visualization Plugin "Vis Spectrum"
*Full Win98 support including icons, localization and loging to file
+New icons, moved to res.dll/res98.dll so they can be updated/changed easely!
+Settings window's last active tab index is saved on program termination
+Plugin order is saved
*Fixed Compact mode window problems
*Fixed asking two times "Keep stream in Playlist?" when closing streams
+Stream's playback speed can be entered manualy with a popup menu
+Network file support
*MultiTagger bug fixes and updates
+Localization (Hungarian locale included)
*Sample selection works
+Zoom selection
*Visualization support for recording channels
+Randomize StreamList
*Recording file name incrementation fixed
+DirectX reports errors if DXErr9ab.dll is found
*Now CD track temp files are grabed to the specified Temp folder
*Playlist plying CD tracks is fixed
+Selection size is shown in MB/Kb
*Works on Win98 (except BassFX based plugins; put a copy of shell32.dll from a WinXP/System32/ to the installation folder to have the XP icons)
+Updated Bass.dll to 2.0.19
*Recording MP3s won't use 100% CPU resources
*BASS Error reporting revised
+Version information is read on the fly
+Stream channel fade checkbox moved to the Stream channel control panel
*bug fixes *All plugins (except BassFX based) supports 16/32bit processing
+CD Burner plugin for controling Nero (can burn DSP processed streams as AudioCD tracks)
+Normalize DSP plugin keeps volume level at a desired maximum
*bunch of bug fixes
*Memory usage reduced
+Plugin system
+Favorites Quick search
+Crossfade on every Stream change (Prev, next, select any)
+Full visual edit (Cut/Copy/Paste - MPEG & WAV PCM files)
+Saving WAVs (WAV PCM files will be streamed)
+Supports MPEG2 (LayerI,II,II)
+Supports 32bit WAVs (IEE single) as well
+32bit DSP processing
*ID3v2 frames Remove bug fixed
+VLA - Volume Level Activated recording
+Add recording channels to StreamList
+VLA auto increments output file name
+Full screen mode
+Playback is only reinitialized when changes to the audio device parameters are made
*seeking in MPEG streams is now at least 5x faster! Including cuting/joining, counting frames (11x faster!!!), getting bitrates
+When stramlist's position is "above" opening a file drops down in compactmode instead of always poping up
+Option to delete files within the StreamList
+ID3v2 frames Remove bug fixed
+OGG Vorbis support
+Full visual edit (Cut/Copy/Paste)
+Saving MP3s (MPEG files will be saved frame by frame elliminating frame errors)
+MP3 Recording now fully functional
+Option to use timer for Recording
+Complete redesign of the menu system, shortcuts, CutList, MultiTag and Settings window
+Menu command ReSample
+New Icons
+Encode max. 10 files limit removed from the shareware version
+EditBox for EncodeList.GlobalOutDir (creates directorys as needed)
*fixed StreamList move selection up
*fixed External Picture Viewer bugs
+Option to specify external Tracker
+Supports .CDA files for Playlist and Loading
*fixed Left/Right MouseButton click on Speed 2x, min.
+WMA support; Using VBR, lossless and multi-channel WMA files/streams requires Windows Media 9 to be installed.
*fixed Adding ID3v2 Tag with SESC to files not MPEG
+option to set sample colors
+CD cover lookup button
*fixed window problems with XP themes
*fixed VBR MPEG detection if no Info Tag is found
First release