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BASS Threaded Mixer Library

BASS Threaded Mixer Library is a BASS add-on that implements a BASS mixer channel which mixes the plugged-in source channels in separate parallel threads to be used with professional low-latency ASIO output.
The more sources are added and the more DSP/processing is needed for the sources (96/192KHz) the more efficient the library is compared to single threaded processing.
The library is especially useful for CPUs that have limited single-core performance but have a lot of cores, like the new octa-core and more core AMD and Intel CPUs.

  • Add any number of source channels to the mixer
  • When only 1 source is plugged-in no threading is performed
  • Achieve nearly real-time, low-latency ASIO output with heavy DSP/processing of the sources
  • Multiply off-line processing speed (BASS_ChannelGetData call) by the number of CPU cores in the system
  • Matrix mixing supported

BASS Threaded Mixer Library in shareware and commercial software?

The component is free for use in free software. If you like it and use it in a shareware or commercial (or any other money making - advertising, in app. selling, etc.) product you have to buy a license.

  • Default behaviour when only 1 source is plugged-in is that no threading is performed as the threading overhead would be large.
  • The default thread priority for worker threads is tpHigher. Setting thread priority affects only sources plugged-in after setting the priority. There's not much use setting the priorities differently for sources as the processing must wait for all the threads to finish. But it's possible to set the wanted priority after creating the threaded mixer channel which affects all pluggeg-in sources after.
  • Source channels must be 32 bit float (BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT flag must be used when creating the source channels).
  • For matrix mixing functionality please see the BASSMix documentation.

Useful information