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Duplicate MP4 Video & Audio Finder

Duplicate MP4 Video & Audio Finder is a utility for scanning your computer and finding duplicate copies of your MP4, MKV, TS, MPG, AVI and some common format video and MP4 audio files.
Duplicate MP4 Video & Audio Finder will find video and audio files that are an exact copy of each other but also compares files by content and gives a match for video and audio files that have different tags or the MP4 atom structure is different, eg. moov atom is at the beginning or end of the file, but contain the same video or audio.
Note that this app. will not find duplicate files that are not the same video stream or in case of audio files if the audio files are re-encoded.

  • Find duplicate MP4, MKV, MPG, AVI and some common format video and MP4 audio files that:
    • are exact copy of each other
    • have the same artist/show and title tag
    • have the same media content
  • Compare two video or audio lists to find duplicates
  • Matching video and audio files are displayed in groups
  • Preview matching audio files and their tag information, detailed media attributes and album cover pictures (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP)
  • Copy/paste, edit and remove MP4 tags
  • Delete video and audio files that are not needed
  • Multi-threaded loading and processing of the files
  • Supported file extensions: MP4, M4A, M4B, M4V, ALAC, 3GP, 3G2, MKV, TS, MPG and AVI
  • Full unicode support

Duplicate MP4 Video & Audio Finder is a shareware software. Unregistered version is a fully functional 25 day trial version with 25 files processing limit. If you like this software please register.

There is also a Duplicate Audio Finder and Duplicate Picture Finder with many more file formats supported, free to try.

  • Using 'Compare video frame' option is slow. But it enables comparing video files that have different resolutions and are re-encoded but requires that the 2 video stream sources are identical - the frame specified with 'Frame position at' contains exactly the same frame (picture). It is a good idea to disable this feature and run a scan first without this option, delete the files that are not needed and then enable this option and run another scan, so the second scan will be faster.
  • Smaller 'Frame position at' values decrease the loading stage time, use it for skipping intros, and set it to a reasonable value when there is an actual video frame that should be the same or different. If the video files don't contain intro, eg. videos made with a mobile device, setting the value to 1 seconds will improve loading stage. Also if the searched video files are shorter then the default 25 seconds, set this value to lower than the playtime of the sort videos.
  • When using the compare two lists functionality the 2 skip time values above the lists are added to the 'Frame position at' value specified in settings. Eg. if in settings the value of 25 seconds is used and the skip time value is set to 3 seconds, 25 + 3 = 28 seconds will be used as the position from where to extract the video frame from the video file to compare.