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GFX Memory Speed Benchmark

A free GFX RAM and system RAM speed benchmark application. Measures GFX card RAM and system RAM read and write access speed by the CPU, basically the graphic card's RAM accessed by CPU through the PCIe bus and system RAM's access speed by the CPU.
Displays GFX RAM and system RAM average and peak read and write speeds.
OpenCL RAM benchmark measures combined read-then-write performance, also usable to benchmark OpenCL supporting compute cards/devices.
Note that the results should be compared only between the same build: Win32 with Win32 or Win64 with Win64 and with the same version of GFX Memory Speed Benchmark.
Results are relative to the tests performed by the app., they are not absolute values, compare the results to other benchmarks performed by the app. (eg. on other system, or for example when upgrading your computer with a new GPU, CPU or RAM).

GFX Memory Speed Benchmark is free. If you like this software please consider registering one of my shareware applications.

The Delphi source code is available for €25, although no re-selling and redistribution allowed, only making custom builds for personal or company use or for educational purposes.