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How to register Context Menu Audio Converter?

Context Menu Audio Converter is a shareware program. If you use this program regularly you should register to award the author's many years work and support continuous development.
With registration you will receive a personalized code in e-mail, that you can use to register the program.
Home registration is only €15 for home use and €95 for commercial use and you just need to obtain the newest version.
Registering MP4 Stream Editor automatically registers Context Menu Audio converter too.
With commercial registration you may also request the source code (Delphi XE7) in e-mail that can be used to make custom builds for private or company use (no re-selling or redistribution allowed).

^ Context Menu Audio Converter Home registration order form €15

^ Context Menu Audio Converter Commercial registration order form €95

This app. is also available as part of the All 3delite Apps Bundle Registration €250

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