^ Run a program automatically on Windows startup as administrator

How to run a program automatically on Windows startup as administrator, as required by Process Priority Optimizer and Vanga Rengi Mangaro

A quick guide for setting up a program to run at Windows startup elevated as administrator.

1. Open control panel and click 'Administrative tools'

2. Click 'Task scheduler'

3. Click 'Create Task'

4. Enter a task name, 'Process Priority Optimizer' or 'Vanga Rengi Mangaro'
5. Checkmark 'Run with highest privileges'

6. Switch to 'Triggers' tab
7. Clieck 'New'

8. Set begin task to 'At log on'
9. Chekmark 'Delay task for' and set it to 30 seconds

10. Switch to 'Actions' tab
11. Click 'New'

12. Click 'Browse...' and navigate to the PPOptimizer.exe or VangaRengiMangaro.exe where you installed the app. In most cases it will be in 'C:\Program Files\PPOptimizer' or 'C:\Program Files\Vanga Rengi Mangaro'

13. Switch to 'Conditions' tab
14. Un-chekmark 'Start the task only if computer is n AC power' tab

15. Click 'OK'

If everything went smooth a new scheduler task has been created for the app.