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Similar Picture Finder

Similar Picture Finder is a utility for scanning your computer and finding similar pictures from a reference one.
Similar Picture Finder will find pictures that are an exact copy of the reference picture but also can compare pictures by content and give a match for pictures that have different resolutions but contain the same or very similar graphics.
Note that no AI is used, for example if a reference picture is an 'apples on a table', the application will not find pictures that contain also 'apples on a table' just, for example, the same scene taken multiple times with a little camera movement or there is some text written on the picture or for example the picture is watermarked.

  • Find duplicate pictures that are exact copy of each other or have the same content
  • Adjust picture compare parameters, strict or more relaxed search
  • Matching pictures are displayed as a thumbnail list
  • Preview and compare matching pictures and their EXIF information
  • Delete pictures that are not needed
  • Very fast multi-threaded loading and processing of the images
  • User interface DPI scaling is supported
  • Full unicode support

If you are looking for an app. to find all the duplicate pictures on your computer, check Duplicate Picture Finder.

Similar Picture Finder is a shareware software. Unregistered version is a fully functional 25 day trial version with 500 search picture limit. If you like this software please register.


The app. does not display the search picture as a match if it is from the same folder as the searched pictures, in other words, there will be no matches for the same file.

For a quick help about a functionality, hover over with the mouse over a control, and a hint will be displayed at the lower-left corner of the main window.

Picture databases

Using picture databases for search reduces the needed processing time to just seconds, and refreshing an existing picture database usually also just takes seconds, so they are a great way to reduce processing time.

After loading a database with menu: "File/Load Database..." or using the automatic saving/loading set in settings, to reset the search folder, click "Clear current database...", and then run the new search with "Start".

To create a new picture database, run a search, after processing has finished a dialog should pop-up asking whether to save the new database. Select "Yes", specify a file name and enter the new database's name. The new picture database should appear on the picture databases list (upper-right corner of the main window).
To refresh an existing picture database, right-mouse-button click on the database name (upper-right corner of the main window), and select "Refresh Selected Database...".
To use the picture databases for search, checkmark the databases needed and run a search with option "Selected picture databases".

Searching the pictures

The default dimension values for searching are 50 x 50 pixels. This gives a lot of matches generally.
For even more results set to as low as 20 x 20 pixels. To make the search stricter set to 75 x 75 pixels.
Adjusting 'Allowed pixel difference' to higher values also results more matches (more relaxed search). Also note that this setting does not need to re-load the pictures.
The ARGB values have more effect if the pictures are darker or lighter or have a bit of difference in color, also these settings does not need to re-load the pictures.

Full-screen comparing the matches

The full-screen viewer displays the found matching picture currently selected.
Roll the mouse wheel down to advance to the next matching picture, roll up to display the previous match picture.
Click and hold down the left mouse button to display the search picture. Release the button to switch back to the matching picture.
Click the middle mouse button to set the current match picture as the reference picture.
Click the right mouse button to set the current match picture as the match picture on the main window.