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Video File Browser

Video File Browser is a utility for browsing video files with multiple thumbnails preview.
If you need to quickly check multiple video files' contents, and not only a single frame (like in Windows Explorer), it is a tedious work to open each video file in a media player. With Video File Browser it is possible to view multiple video files with multiple frame thumbnails (can be set in settings how many frames). It's also easy to view multiple folders one-after-the-other, with only 1 click on the folders' names.

  • Browse video files in 2 different thumbnail modes
  • Display detailed information about the video files
  • Option to sort (copy/move) pictures to 3 different folders
  • Optionally 3 applications can be configured with quick access to open selected video files in them
  • Full unicode support
  • User interface DPI scaling is supported

Video File Browser is a shareware software. Unregistered version is a fully functional 25 day trial version. If you like this software please register.

If MP4 Video & Audio Tag Editor or MKV Tag Editor or Video Manager is installed it's possible to edit tags of video files with just right-mouse-button clicking on them and selecting eg. "MP4 Video & Audio Tag Editor/Edit Tags...", etc. within the browser.

Quick tutorial

Basic steps for using Video File Browser:
  • In settings specify the needed applications that you wish to use with the 'open with' functionality
  • Navigate to a folder with the video files
  • To browse by folder right-mouse-button-click on the left panel and select 'Display Tree-View Folders'
  • To switch between the 2 thumbnail view modes click on the 5th or 6th icon from the left at the top-right part of the browser panel
  • Full-screen preview on secondary display (if there are 2 or more displays) can be enabled with the 7th icon

Replacing ffmpeg

In case there are any issues with video thumbnails or audio extracting functionality, or just wish to use the latest version, optionally the provided ffmpeg build can be replaced with for example the latest version.
Simply download the latest ffmpeg build and copy all the files to the installed folder's 'Tools' folder (usually 'C:\Program Files\Video File Browser\Tools'). It is recommended to create a backup of the existing folder, eg. just rename it, before copying the new files, just in case.
Note that it is not guarantied that the new version will work for sure but might have eg. support for new codecs for example.