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About dialog form with license text and splash screen component.

  • Splash mode or About mode with license text
  • Alpha blended close
  • Background picture logo
  • Displays links 3-3 with copyright and "Registered to..." message
  • Check for updates on internet

The form that appears in the program (as with license):


  • AdditionalLineX: String: 3 additional lines on the lower-left corner (clickable, see below).

  • AdditionalURLX: String: URLs to open when clicking on the additional labels. They will trigger OnOpenURL().

  • AlphaBlendedClose: Boolean: The form will fade out when closing.

  • Copyright: String: Copyright string (not clickable). If not specified it will be extracted from file description Company field.

  • DisplayProgramName: Boolean: You can turn off the program name label if you have it on the logo picture.

  • Email: String: E-mail of the company/author (clickable, will trigger OnOpenURL()).

  • FontLinksColor: TColor: Color for the copyright and additional labels (set in parallel with the logo colors).

  • FontProgramName: TFont: Font to use for the program name label.

  • FontVersionColor: TColor: Font color to use for the program version label (set in parallel with the logo colors).

  • HomePage: String: URL of company/author's homepage.

  • LicenseText: TString: Long license text that will be shown when not in splash mode.

  • Logo400x150: TPicture: Specify a picture as a logo (400 x 150 pixels).

  • MonitorNo: Integer: Monitor number on which the form appears.


  • ShowModal: Integer: Create and show the form modaly (avoid using it, as this little window would stop your entire application in this case). If AsSplash is True then only the logo will appear without license text.

  • Show: Create and show the form (use this whenever you can - you also need probably to set FormStyle to fsStayOnTop). If AsSplash is True then only the logo will appear without license text, so it can be used on program startup as a splash screen/program logo.


  • OnDecline: Happens when the user declines the license.

  • OnGetRegistrationUserName: Happens when the form needs a user name to display as "Registered to...". If no user name specified "Unregistered" will appear with version number.

  • OnOkClick: Happens when the user clicks OK (agree with the license).

  • OnOpenURL: Happens when an URL is about to be opened.

    See the class's popup auto-complete menu while designing for all of it's properties/methodes...

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