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Process Priority Optimizer

Is a process priority optimizer and process managing tool for Windows x86 and x64 systems.
One of the key features of Process Priority Optimizer is that process priority and CPU affinity settings can be saved and the app. automatically sets the priority and CPU affinity of the process if the particular process is detected.

Main features:
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Automatically adjust applications execution priorities based on user preference (set and save process priority)
  • Set and save processes CPU affinity
  • Anti-LockUp: automatically withdraw CPU time from aggressive processes
  • Automatically shutdown unwanted applications/processes
  • Shutdown processes automatically at a given date-time
  • Uses little memory and little CPU time
  • In Win32 and Win64 version

  • Windows 7/8/10/11

Limitations in the unregistered version
  • 25 day trial


By default the app. starts in normal (user) mode. In user mode only the processes accessible in user mode are listed. To access all processes run Process Priority Optimizer as an administrator.
Note that in user mode you may get "Access denied" errors with particular functions, running the app. as administrator might solve these errors. Also note that when running the app. as administrator more processes are processed that result more CPU time by the app..