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Code Signing Tool

Code Signing Tool is a small free GUI app to code sign .exe, .dll and .appx files on Windows 10/11 in Win32 and Win64 version.

  • Simple to use GUI application, there's no need to use command line prompt at all
  • Set parameters and file list is saved on program exit
  • Code sign multiple files at once

  • Windows Kits (Windows SDK package) installed (for the "signtool.exe")
  • SafeNet Authentication package installed (to access the USB token)

  • Install the needed packages mentioned above, they are probably already installed though.
  • Start the "CodeSigningTool.exe", set the needed paths and values, the 2 needed .exe's are probably fine if you installed the 2 package to the default folders. Only edit "signtool.exe cmd line" if you know what you are doing, the default value should be ok.
  • Adjust the "Timestamping server" value to your code signing certificate provider's server.
  • Add file(s) to sign to the list.
  • The specified "description" appears eg. when Windows asks for confirmation. Set it to something like "My Application Setup".
  • Insert your USB token into a free USB slot.
  • Click the "Sign" button.
  • SafeNet Authentication will ask for the token password.
  • If everything went fine, beside the file 'Success' should be displayed.
  • Exit the SafeNet Authentication application.
  • Exit the Code Signing Tool application, all settings will be saved.

Tip: In "SafeNet Authentication" settings (gear icon), "Client settings/Advanced" checkmark the 2 options "Enable single logon." and "Enable single logon for PKCS#11." to not ask for the token password for every file only after a new logon.