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BASS Stream Recorder Library

Library (.dll) for use in Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7) and Win64 software with BASS.
Makes it easy to add audio recording functionality to your application.
  • Record to WAV
  • Record to WMA (Pro)
  • Record with ACM (Audio Compression Manager) codecs
  • Record in 16 or 32 bit
  • Record using any command line encoder to encode on the fly (eg. MP3, Flac, etc.)
  • Dual recording (separate left-right recording with separate starting/stoping)
  • Rewind and continue/insert/overwrite recording option
  • Volume Level Activated recording
  • Record to memory with rewind and continue recording option, save to WAV, WMA, ACM or with external command line encoder (eg. MP3, Flac, etc.)
  • Unicode version
Requirements: any dev. environment that supports the stdcall calling convention.


Uses BASSStreamRecorderDefs;
BASSStreamRecorder := BASSStreamRecorder_Create;

  • BASSStreamRecorder_Create = function: HBASSStreamRecorder; stdcall;
  • BASSStreamRecorder_Free = function (BASSStreamRecorder: HBASSStreamRecorder): Bool; stdcall;
  • BASSStreamRecorder_GetParams = function (BASSStreamRecorder: HBASSStreamRecorder; var Params: TBASSStreamRecorderParams): Bool; stdcall;
  • BASSStreamRecorder_SetParams = function (BASSStreamRecorder: HBASSStreamRecorder; Params: TBASSStreamRecorderParams): Bool; stdcall;
  • BASSStreamRecorder_Record = function (BASSStreamRecorder: HBASSStreamRecorder): Bool; stdcall;
  • BASSStreamRecorder_Stop = function (BASSStreamRecorder: HBASSStreamRecorder): Bool; stdcall;
  • BASSStreamRecorder_Pause = function (BASSStreamRecorder: HBASSStreamRecorder): Bool; stdcall;
  • BASSStreamRecorder_Resume = function (BASSStreamRecorder: HBASSStreamRecorder): Bool; stdcall;
  • BASSStreamRecorder_GetHandles = function (BASSStreamRecorder: HBASSStreamRecorder; var RecHandles: TRecHandles): Bool; stdcall;

BASS Stream Recorder Library in shareware and commercial software?

The component is free for use in free software. If you like it and use it in a shareware or commercial software you have to buy a license.

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