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3delite's VSTi Synth Plugin

A modular VST synthesizer instrument plugin in Win32 and Win64 version.
Link virtually unlimited oscillator and audio file sources through DSPs and mixers to generate various voices.

  • Sine, sawtooth, reversed sawtooth, triangular, square and noise oscillators
  • Audio clip as an "oscillator" (use WAV samples with optional looping, layer them etc., wavetable like use)
  • Chorus, equalizer, reverb, flanger, compressor, high-pass and low-pass DSPs in any stage of the audio generator chain
  • LFO volume inputs for the mixer and FX items
  • Frequency modulation input pin for oscillator items
  • Every sound generator stage has ADSR parameters and a delay too
  • Visualize the waveform at any stage
  • Multi-threaded polyphony voice processing option
  • Preset system
The plugin is a shareware software. Unregistered version is a fully functional 25 day trial version. After the evaluation period changing the parameters is disabled but it's still possible to use the plugin as a player. If you like this software please register.

Usage notes
  • When starting the plugin for the first time, please fill-in the preset 'Author' and 'URL' fields on the 'Settings' page. When a preset is saved these details will be used.
  • Audio items may have an input and/or an output pin. All input pins can accept unlimited inputs, but 1 output pin can only be routed to 1 input pin. To link 2 items click on the pin and while holding down the mouse button drag the 'wire' to the destination pin. If the wire is green the link is possible.
  • To delete a link right-mouse button click on the link's output pin.
  • Custom oscillator wave forms (wavetables) can be used with the "audio file item" option (also probably want to checkmark "loop").
  • When adding audio file items they are stored inside the preset, so it's possible to share the preset by just copying the preset into the preset folder on the other computer if needed. It is recommended to use WAV or AIFF audio files as audio file sources.
  • Every audio generator stage can be visualised by selecting the generator item and clicking on 'Display'. The waveform is automatically updated in real-time when adjusting the parameters. To select another generator item click on 'Net', select an item and click on 'Waveform', now it's possible to adjust the parameters for a different item but see the resulting waveform for the first 'displayed' item. The waveform can be zoomed by pointing to a position and rolling the mouse wheel. It's also possible to click on the waveform and drag the mouse up/down to zoom and/or drag left/right to scroll the waveform.
  • Mixer and FX items have an amplitude (volume) modulation input pin on top of the displayed item, oscillator items have a frequency modulation (FM) input pin at the top. Amplitude modulation input is converted to the 0 to +1 range, where 0 is silence and 1 is full volume. In case of oscillators the FM input is not converted, -1 to +1 is used, where -1 means backward in wave value and +1 means forward in wave (the range is not capped so can go out of this range). Modulation input can be any composite output from any item type.
  • When mixing multiple oscillators with a mixer item audio might clip, in case reduce volume or one of the oscillator's 'power' value.
  • Oscillators can be used as audio sources or as LFOs. To use an oscillator as an LFO checkmark the oscillator's 'Is LFO' checkbox, LFO oscillator's rate is limited to a lower range when 'Is LFO' is checkmarked.
  • The 'Assign' buttons can be used to assign 3 items for external control by DAW. They appear as eg. 'OSC 1 Rate', 'OSC 1 Power' etc. as the externally controllable parameters, they can be automated as well.