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Audio Input Noise Measurer

Audio Input Noise Measurer is an audio input device noise level measuring tool. Select 2 input audio channels and compare and measure their noise level.
When recording audio from analog sources and have multiple recording devices this tool can be used to choose the device that is less noisy.

  • Measure and compare the noise level of 2 audio input devices
  • Visualize the noise with a spectrum display with optional signal amplification
  • The noise level is displayed as peak and average amplitude % and as a dB level
  • WASAPI and ASIO devices and channels are supported
  • User interface DPI scaling is supported

Audio Input Noise Measurer is a shareware software. Unregistered version is a demo trial version. If you like this software please register.

Quick tutorial

Basic steps for using Audio Input Noise Measurer:
  • Turn on the audio input device.
  • Make sure the input device is getting analog silence, that is the device is on but no actual audio is received.
  • Select the device to be measured from the drop-down device list.
  • Select the 2nd device to compare the noise level from the drop-dwon list on the right panel.
  • Information about the noise level will be displayed above the spectrum display.
  • To re-set the calculation click the 'Reset' buttons, the detected peak will be re-set, and calculated again.