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Secondary Display Video Player

Secondary Display Video Player is a multimedia player for dual display setups.
Control the playback on one display and play at full screen on the other display.
As nVidia dropped support for secondary display full screen overlay support from GF8xxx and up, users will find this application as a work-around to watch videos at full screen on the secondary display, if connected through HDMI, HD videos can be played at full screen and resolution.
Win32 and Win64 version.

Features: Playlist with playing segments option (specify loop and aspect ratio per item), playlist loading/saving option and blank secondary display option.
Unregistered version is a 25 day trial version and runs only for 15 minutes. If you like this software please register.

Keyboard shortcuts
  • F1: Online help (this page)
  • Space: Play/Pause
  • Multimedia Play Pause: Play/Pause
  • Left arrow: Rewind back specified seconds
  • Right arrow: Forward specified seconds
  • Up arrow: Play next video

Mouse controls
  • Wheel up: Rewind back specified seconds
  • Wheel down: Forward specified seconds