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MP3 Silence Cut

MP3 Silence Cut is a powerful MP3 audio file splitter. Automatically cuts MP3 files by silent parts, with batch processing support.

There is also an MP4 Silence Cut app. for MP4 audio and video files.

Additionally for MP3, MP4 Stream Editor supports cutting by silence decodelessly MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, Opus and DSD formats too.

  • Cut MP3, MP2, MP1 files by silence (no re-compression is performed, the resulting output files are 100% the quality of the original)
  • Specify silence length, silence volume level, length to keep before and after the loud part
  • Batch process multiple files
  • User interface DPI scaling is supported

MP3 Silence Cut is shareware. Unregistered version is limited to 1 cut per scan. If you like this software please register.